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» Flight Booking | How to book?

Online booking consists of 5 steps.

1. Selection:
You have to choose:

1.1 The type of Your trip - one way or round trip.

1.2 Flight itinerary – choose the cities of departure and arrival. The list of airports you can find just

clicking on Airport list (if you have some problems with this step, please contact agent).

1.3 Choose the date of departure for one way trip or the dates of departure and return for round trip.

1.4 Also you can find the most suitable flight by:

"Time table" - flight availibility by the time of departure. Please choose the dates of

 departure and return and the system will show You the price. This option is very useful for business

travellers. "The lowest price (on requested dates)" -  the flight with the lowest available fare for

requested dates. You will be offered up to 200 flights.

"The lowest price (+/-3 or 7 days)" - you will get the lowest available fare for the flights within 3 or 

7 days. The system will show the price without any tax and service fee. Airport tax for direct flights

to Europe is app. 30-50 LVL, connected flights to Europe 50-80 LVL and for intercontinental flights

120-170 LVL .Also You can choose the class of Your trip (economy or business) and specify the airline

 You want to fly with.

1.5. The type and number of passengers. Attention: infants under 2 y.o. have no seats in the plane.

1.6 After indicating the flight details click on

2. Fare Quote:

You will be offered all the available flights according to Your preferences. Indicate the flight you would

like to book! If You you are looking for the flight by "The lowest price (+/- 3 or 7 days)", the system

can give the flights you will not be able to book at this moment. These flights will be marked with

the . To avoid such situation, please mark "Only available flights".
Make Your choise and click on 

If you see the calendar on the screen and the system answers: „Requested dates cannot be selected”,

it means that the system offers You new available dates because the dates you have chosen before

are unavailable.

Click on  to update information.

Make your choise once again and check information, then click on 

If You see on the screen: „The lowest fare is available!”  -  it means that You have found the best price .


Click on 

3. Passengers:

Please fill in the fields concerning passenger details – title, name and surname (like in passport but

without any symbols: ABOLINA/LIGA), phone number and e-mail address. Information about your

booking will be automatically sent to this e-mail.

Also You can request the seat and special meals. Attention: Your wishes will be sent to the airline

as a request only, we can't guarantee the approval.

Indicate the mean of delivery:

Attention: these means can very according to different flights.

Fill in the "Extended items" fields If You need an invoice or You would like to make the bank transfer.

Click on 

4. Payment:

Now check information about Your flight and choose the mean of delivery one more time. Then mark

up that You accept the booking and fare rules as well as You confirm the flight itinerary and contact


Click on

5. Summary:

In some seconds the system will give the confirmation of Your booking and itinerary. You can print

out this information. The same confirmation will be sent to Your e-mail.



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