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01.04.18.-03.03.19. no 56 EUR

01.04.18.-30.11.18. 74 EUR

02.01.18. - 06.01.19. no 69 EUR

02.04.18.-02.02.19. 91 EUR

02.04.18.-06.01.19. 89 EUR

02.04.18.-12.01.19. 80 EUR

02.04.18.-23.12.18. 51 EUR

02.04.18.-30.12.18. no 200 EUR

02.04.18.-31.12.18 no 62 EUR

02.04.2018-21.10.2018 no 69 EUR

03.04.18.-05.07.18. no 19.80 EUR EUR

15/09-18/09 no 315 EUR
Bulgaria Sofia

Sofia is one of the hippest cities in Bulgaria. In the past 10 years, Sofia has changed from a boring, sad-looking place to a modern and lively capital.

23/09-26/09 no 333 EUR
Czech Republic Prague

This is a city that has it all – history, culture, bars and clubs, fantastic food, shopping galore and a warm welcoming people that will make you want to come back time and time again.

25/08-28/08 no 317 EUR
Finland Helsinki

Easy to explore, and easier to fall in love with, Helsinki is a great place to explore, its compact size and efficient public transport putting all of its main attractions within easy reach if you're on a weekend break or short break from our travel agency.

25/11-28/11 no 294 EUR
Turkey Istanbul

A great opportunity to enjoy fascinating culture and amazing sights where Europe meets Asia.

26/06-03/07 875 EUR
Croatia Dubrovnik

Visit the pearl of the Adriatic. Enjoy Dubrovnik Riviera beaches and warm, pure crystal clear sea.

26/08-29/08 no 260 EUR
Germany Berlin

Since the reunification of Germany, Berlin has become its most exciting city. It has a wealth of cultural activities, a lively nightlife, excellent restaurants and many shops and markets.

27.03.18. - 31.10.18. no 445.00 EUR

29/09-02/10 no 440 EUR
Austria Innsbruck

Enjoy a city break discovering the charms of the Tyrolean capital, or a relaxing holiday in Tyrol with its dramatic mountain scenery, fragrant alpine meadows and picturesque rural villages or even a combination of both!


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